Museum Ariana
Langenthal Remake Intervention

An intervention in the Langenthal porcelain factory.

The interventions consisted of deformations and eruptions from within the object, reassemblies made from the components of different eras, in what is known as the leatherhard condition, and series which - produced with the finest of all the clays - are extremely problematic. I carried out this excess designing work exclusively on coffee pots, these highly symbolic social objects of an almost forgotten age.

These pieces, which evolved in 1990 over a one-month period in the Langenthal porcelain factory, were first shown in the Chrämerhus Gallery in Langenthal within the framework of an exhibition series on conceptual art. Several multipart installations made a self-contained system both palpable and visible.

The exisiting works are to be seen as relics of an intervention. They are mainly either part of the Onsorg collection or in public and private collections.